Where Have I Been?! -And some exciting news!

It has been over a month and a half since my last post, and for that, I’m quite sorry. I originally set out to make this blog more personal than professional. I wanted to be able to express my thoughts and feelings on any topics that came to mind, rather than streamlining useful content with the intention of monetizing my blog. However, I fell into the perfection trap, the fear of posts I would later regret, and this odd concept that whatever I had to say just wasn’t “good enough.” Worry that God didn’t want me to post what I felt like posting also kept me in my rabbit hole, but I’ve since recovered, and will hopefully be back to posting regularly again! Thank you for even bothering to read it! 🙂

Another HUGE reason I’ve been struggling to post is that I am pregnant again!! I’ve discussed before that we were trying for another baby, so I’m happy to announce that I am 10 weeks and 5 days along. 🙂 Unfortunately, unlike my previous pregnancies, this one came with debilitating morning sickness. Weeks 5 to 9, I basically laid on the couch, unable to do much of anything because of how nauseated I was. I have never experienced such a crippling sickness before; my heart goes out to people who struggle with handicapping diseases on the daily. Thanks be to God that I’ve been feeling “normal” again for about a week and a half!

This blog is still a baby in its creation. I don’t have too much of a plan or goal for it, except that somewhere out there, I hope there is a woman who reads my thoughts and is uplifted. If that’s you, please comment and let me know. God bless you all!



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