About Me

Hello there, and thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Andrei Besant, though many people call me Drei. I am a devout follower of Jesus Christ, wife, and stay-at-home mom of 2 (almost 3) littles. My husband is a licensed minister and gifted Bible teacher, whom I am very, very blessed to be covered by.


The Besants! My husband, Noah, myself, and our two beautiful babies.


This is my firstborn, Elijah. He is three years old.


This is my daughter, Moriah. She was born on my birthday a year and a half ago! (Yes, that is sand all over her face.)

This blog is really just a place for me to lay out my thoughts in as clear and thorough a manner as I can. I hope that it eventually becomes a place where woman with a desire for the Word of God and a calling to truly biblical lives can gather and discuss our thoughts and questions. Have a blessed day!